«NT Contact» will present products for rail transport of foreign partners at the international railway fair in the area 1520 «PRO//Motion.Expo»

Production and trading company «NT Contact» in the framework of tthe international railway fair in the area 1520«PRO//Motion.Expo» will demonstrate to the visitors of the stand the equipment of its foreign partners, the leading global manufacturers of electrical products and components for various industries, including rail transport:

  • EAO AG is a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality industrial switches, joysticks, custom HMI panels and specialized interface systems.
  • Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH is a German manufacturer of magnetic sensors, incremental and absolute encoders, controllers and control devices.
  • IcotekGmbH - the German company, a leader in cable equipment solutions, offers fire resistant products certified in accordance with the European standard EN 45545-3.
  • AUOptronics(Taiwan), BOE Group (China), BunSun Electronics Co. Ltd (China) - the world's largest manufacturers of LCD panels, TFT displays and various monitors.
  • MicrothermCZ - Czech manufacturer of thermal protection elements for electrical equipment.
«НТ контакт»

During the entire work of the exhibition, NT Contact will be attended by a specialist from the Swiss company EAO AG, who will present innovative solutions of this brand for rail transport, as well as answer questions about the brand's products.