The organizer of the conference: JSC "VNIIZHT" is a leader in the field of development, creation, testing, and implementation of railway equipment and technologies in the 1520 mm gauge space.

The conference will be held in a hybrid format: apart from personal attendance, there will be an opportunity to participate in the conference online.

The focal point of the event is to discuss promising railway technologies in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and global challenges.

The conference program consists of 6 topics:

- containerization;
- use of railways for urban passenger transport;
- development of lines with high-capacity utilization;
- railway infrastructure;
- traction equipment;
- technical diagnostics on transport, etc.

The event will be attended by representatives of government authorities, JSC "Russian Railways", transport industry companies, leading Russian and foreign scientists as well as developers of the industry.

According to the results of the conference, a "Collection of proceedings of the I International Conference "Science 1520 VNIIZHT": Look beyond the horizon" will be prepared, which will be indexed in the RSCI. The best reports on the recommendations of the heads of sections, modified to the format of a scientific article, will be published in the scientific and technical journal "Vestnik VNIIZHT". 

More information about the conference, the procedure for applying for a speech and registration can be found on the special website of the event