On behalf of the enterprises of the mechanical engineering holding Sinara - Transport Machines and on my own behalf, I welcome the organizers, the participants and the guests of the International Railway Fair in the area 1520 PRO//Motion.Expo!

The current global integration processes pose challenges for the players in the railway sector to introduce the latest technologies, to improve the transportation speed and quality, and to develop infrastructure and more coordinated actions between all market players in the field of sustainable environmental development. This time the Fair is held under the motto: "Technology Transformation and New Ecological Thinking". This is a topical issue not only within the industry, but all over the world.

Indeed, today we face a new reality that requires from all of us to form a sound "green" economy, when environmental measures are an integral part of all our processes. This, in fact, will be the topic of our discussion at the plenary session. We have some experience in this regard. STM were the first mechanical engineering enterprises in Russia to issue "green" bonds and enter the Sustainable Development Sector created to finance the environmental and socially significant projects. This is a public reflection of the steps taken by the company to actively implement ESG standards and of well-thought-out solutions in the production of high-tech vehicles using alternative energy and fuel sources.

Our integrated management approach as a mechanical engineering company is based primarily on the creation of technological solutions focused on the respect for environment. We have managed to implement a number of projects and gained the unique experience in developing machines using alternative energy sources and new types of fuel. We have developed locomotives that run on liquefied natural gas and we believe that the use of LNG in railway transport is the most viable technology today, this is what we will talk about at one of the thematic sessions of the Fair.

The fact that the company continues its growth and develops new lines of business is another confirmation of high competencies available at STM Holding.  We intend to strengthen our position in the segment of infrastructure repair, maintenance and construction; we continue our active work in the field of digital development; we carry out the research in the field of high-speed traffic, and development of technology on alternative energy sources.

I hope that the results of the Fair will become a significant contribution to "green" development and ESG agenda in the technology and will allow us to develop a common approach, a vision, and to offer solutions in the field of sustainable environmental development. It is our common task.

Let me wish the participants of the PRO//Motion.Expo Fair successful and fruitful work!


General Director
STM Holding
Victor LESH.